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lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

I fear nothing because I have nothing

'I Fear Nothing' is a collection of photographs of posters from the demonstration held on October 15 2011, which led to the occupation of the Parliament staircase in Lisbon. On October 15, the Spanish indignados movement called for a day of global protest. The movement had got its second wind in September, with the "Occupy Wall Street" mass demonstrations in New York. In Lisbon, the protest named "October 15, Democracy goes out!" began with a march across the city. But at 6.30 pm, the protesters invaded the staircase of the Parliament and used it as an amphitheatre to organize a general assembly, the speakers mounted atop a truck addressing the protesters and citizens sitting on the staircase, with the Parliament as their setting. A few hours later, as only a few protesters were still camping in front of the stairs meanwhile recaptured by the police, the empty streets were full of posters that had been held during the demonstration. This contradictory atmosphere, both of rebel (the signs of a speech) and of desolation and abandonment (the deserted streets) – striking objects reduced to the status of still lifes – is what led us to publish these photographs'.
Texto presentación del libro y que podéis encontrar aquí, así como la idea del colectivo que se hace llamar  Ghost y con base en Lisboa.

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