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martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Art is boring

Schopenhauer ranks boredom with “pain” as one of the twin evils of life. (Pain for have-nots, boredom for haves —it’s a question of affluence. 
People say “it’s boring” —as if that were a final standard of appeal, and no work of art had the right to bore us. But most of the interesting art of our time is boring. 
Jasper Johns is boring. Beckett is boring, Robbe-Grillet is boring. Etc. Etc.
Maybe art has to be boring, now. (This doesn’t mean that boring art is necessarily good —obviously.) We should not expect art to entertain or divert anymore. At least, not high art. Boredom is a function of attention. We are learning new modes of attention —say, favoring the ear more than the eye— but so long as we work within the old attention-frame we find X boring... e.g. listening for sense rather than sound (being too message-oriented). 
If we become bored, we should ask if we are operating in the right frame of attention. Or —maybe we are operating in one right frame, where we should be operating in two simultaneously, thus halving the load on each (as sense and sound).

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